Juice fast recipes, are they any good?


Should you be a skilled juicer also as somebody which is looking to heal from the chronic illness or condition employing the power of whole-foods you may have heard about juice fasting. Juice fast recipes are fundamentally a fast or duration of refusing to eat solid food by which only fruit and/or vegetable juices (and…

Become a vegetarian in 6 steps


hen deciding how to become a vegetarian, there are many options to consider. Some recommend gradually changing your diet while others advise you to dive right in and correct course along the way. Regardless of your strategy, there is a way to succeed with your new meatless diet by following six simple steps. Although they…

Why is ordering a pizza so popular?


Pizza is slowly becoming a must-have snack meal in India, no longer just reserved for college students on a budget – but a family favorite across the country. Whether it’s piled high with pepperoni and golden corn or loaded with paneer and onions, pizza is one of the most popular foods in India. To add…

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